"The Strength of Unity" Fund

The charity "Strength of Unity" was created to provide assistance and support to the legitimate interests of beneficiaries in the areas of social protection, social security, human and civil rights and fundamental freedoms, social services and poverty alleviation, as well as the development and support of these areas in the public interest, providing targeted charitable assistance to persons in need, the activity is aimed at ensuring the safety, preservation of life and health of people.

Our slogan:
"We are where people need us."
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Crossing the border using the "Path" system: for the attention of volunteer applicants who apply to the Ministry

News Automobile abd city…

A trip to the East was made to deliver humanitarian and technical assistance to our defenders. This time, the aid was based on medicines, food kits, and special products for the military from the BionicDrinX company.

Special conditions of cooperation with national manufacturers, foreign…